The 2019 North Central Regional Auditions and Interviews will take place January 19 & 20 on the campus of California University of Pennsylvania, located in California, PA.

Which companies will be in attendance?
Producers register with the same deadlines as actors and technicians, so we won’t have a complete list of which companies will be attending until the week of the event.  We post updates of our producers as they register on our facebook page.

What do I do if I have car trouble on my way to the Auditions?
Call us, if you’re able, to let us know your situation.  We’ll make every effort to work you into the schedule when you get here!

Do actors need to be there both days?
No.  Actors will audition and have callbacks all in one day.

Are Equity actors welcome?
Generally, not many of our producers are looking for Equity members, however EMC candidates are often very successful at our auditions.

Should I sing first or second?
It’s a matter of personal preference.  Right now, the trend is to sing first.

How long before I hear about my application status?
If you mail in your application before December 15, you’ll probably hear back within a week.  If you mail your application between December 15 and January 1, it will probably take two weeks.  If you don’t get a confirmation in the mail by then, email us and ask.

Should I get a hotel room?
It depends.  If you’re coming a long distance, it might be a good idea to get a hotel the night before you audition, especially if you have a morning spot, so that you’re rested and refreshed. Some producers’ callbacks can last until 9 or 10 at night, so if you have a long way to travel, it also might be a good idea to get a hotel for the night after you audition.