Dance Auditions are divided into two groups: Movers and Dancers. You choose which group you belong in. You cannot perform both the mover and the dancer combination.

“Movers” have little/no formal dance training. The “mover” combination will include basic jazz and musical theatre dance moves such as jazz squares, chaines turns and pivots.

“Dancers” have dance training. This combination will include double pirouettes, leaps, saut-de-basques, and footwork.

Tappers will be invited to learn a short tap combination, which will be performed at the conclusion of each round of dance auditions.


The mover and dancer combinations will be taught throughout the day. Depending on your audition time, you may need to arrive early to learn the combination before your audition.

Dance Auditions will take place in the same place as your audition, outfitted with a marley dance floor. Dance training sessions take place on a hardwood floor.

If you have formal dance training and have not been called back by any companies, or not called back for dance auditions, you may still participate in the Dance Auditions.


After each round of Dance Auditions, producers will have the opportunity to invite actors they have not previously called for additional callbacks. These “pink slip” callbacks will be posted within 10 minutes of the conclusion of the group’s dance audition.

WHAT TO WEARdancers4

If you are a dancer, bring clothes you would wear to a dance class.

If you are not a dancer, bring something you would wear to work out. Ideally, this would be close-fitting attire that is not restrictive. No baggy clothes. If you don’t have jazz shoes or character shoes, wear sneakers or dress shoes.